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Hello! My name is Natsuho Mori.

Hello. My name is Natsuho Mori. I am from Japan. I came Lapinlahti as an exchange teacher. My subject is social studies. I am happy to spend in Finland and with you.

I like reading comics and playing sports, especially basketball.

If you are interest in japan, comics, games, culture and so on, feel free to talk to me. No matter you are not interested in Japan, I am glad that talking with you.

Thank you.

Kevään hakusuosikit


Yliopistot vetivät

– Lapinlahden Lukion ja Kuvataidelukion  kevään 2015 abiturienteista hieman yli puolet haki ensimmäisenä hakutoiveenaan yliopistoon kevään yhteishaussa, kertoo opinto-ohjaaja Riitta Winberg

– Suosituin yliopisto oli Itä-Suomen yliopisto, sen jälkeen Jyväskylän ja Tampereen yliopistot.

– Eri ammattikorkeakouluihin haettiin tasaisemmin eikä yksittäistä ykköstä erottunut: hakijoita oli Savoniaan, Jyväskylään, Lahteen, Tampereelle, Turkuun, Ouluun.  Kajaanin ja Kymenlaakson ammattikorkeakouluihin hakijoita veti oppilaitosten pelialan koulutukset.

– Ammatillisiin oppilaitoksiin haki kymmenkunta hakijaa. Osa heistä lähetti hakemuksen tämän lisäksi joko yliopistoon tai ammattikorkeakouluun, sanoo Winberg.

Sosiaali- ja terveysala suosituin

– Eniten opiskelijat hakivat sosiaali- ja terveysalalle. Hyvänä kakkosena oli opetusala. Peli-alalle oli aikaisempaa enemmän hakijoita ja tämän vuoden hakijoita kiinnosti taideteollisista aloista graafinen suunnittelu, huomioi opinto-ohjaaja Riitta Winberg seuraavasta luettelosta:

  1. SOSIAALI- JA TERVEYSALA: Lääketiede, farmasia, hammaslääketiede, ravitsemustiede, psykologia, sairaanhoitaja, suuhygienisti, sosionomi.
  2. OPETUSALA: opettajankoulutus: luokanopettaja, erityisopettaja, aineenopettaja (äidinkieli, ruotsi, käsityö).
  3. Tekniikka (ammattikorkeakouluun 3 ja yliopistoon 2 hakijaa).
  4. Peliala.
  5. Graafinen suunnittelu.
  6. Sosiaalitieteet (sosiaalipsykologia, sosiologia).
  7. Metsäala.
  8. Matkailu- ja ravitsemusala.
  9. Yksittäisiä hakijoita seuraaville aloille: liiketalous, fysiikka, kauppatiede, sisustussuunnittelu, viestintä, kuvajournalismi, oikeustiede, historia, tietojenkäsittelytiede, animaatio.

My exchange autumn

Hello my name is Theo (16) and I’m from Germany. A year ago I applied for a year in Finland at YFU. I was accepted. Now I ‘m already 4 ½ months here and feel like home.

At the End of July I left from Dusseldorf airport to Finland. First to Helsinki and then by bus to Virrat to a preparatory seminar. No one thought of Productive discussions anymore but only about the host family . How is the family? How will be the exchange year? How will be the school? And much more.

On second August, it was finally time. The hostfamilies have arrived. Everyone was excited. For me it was particularly bad because I ‘m relatively far back in the alphabet. Then I was finally called. When I went out I saw my host family directly . Allu and Elmer, my host brothers, and my host mother Anne. Heidi did not have time because they had a football game and my host father Jarmo not too because he had to work. Now there were only four hours car drive and then I will see see my host house.

Arrived at my new home I said „Hello“ to Heidi and Jarmo, watched my new room and played football. In the evening the highlight. For the first time I have been in a real wooden sauna. Then swim in the lake. Typical Finish. During the summer holidays we mostly played football and went to Sauna (+swimming).

But then the school already started. Everyday life cames. I didn’t know anybody, except my host sister Heidi and I didn’t understand anything. The rest of the summer passed quickly and autumn came. In mid-September we already had the first snow. Crazy! Last year there were at my home in Germany absolutely no snow and here it comes in September. In the fall I gathered berries in the woods and ate the famous finnish mushrooms. Yummy!

Everyone knows that Finland is a country of Hockey Game .When you are in Finland you have to play icehockey. I have never played ice hockey before and I am only gone twice skate. The Finnish guys grew up with ice hockey. Quickly, ran backwards , shooting hard and I looked like I’d be out of place. But even if I wasn‘t good it was fun. Will hopefully make it more often in my exchange year.

In the autumn holiday we went to Ruka. There was already snow and the lakes were already frozen . The most fun was to hike the trail with the name ” Bear Trail “. Everyone knows this trail. We took a break at a fire place and ate Makkara. Makkara is my absolute favorite food in Finland.

After autumn holiday the school began again. The difference was that I did not feel so different anymore. In this period I learned again something typical finnish. Cross-country skiing! Also something what I never have done. The finns could ski. I coulnd’t. From strumble over my own skis to can’t stop.

Winter is finally coming and I hope I willl have a nice exchange year.

Hyvää joulua kaikkille!