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At Lapinlahti Senior High  School and Senior High School in Visual Arts there are both conventional upper secondary school programme and national artistic programme specialized in visual arts. The school is one of the six of this kind in Finland and was established in 1987. Each year about 40 students and 30 art students start to study in these programmes.

Before entrance the art students must send some artistic works of their own for evaluation and show high grades in theoretical subjects.  At the moment, the school attracts students from over 20 municipalities throughout Finland.

The school is situated in the Finnish lake district in the middle of Finland, 60 kilometers north of the city of Kuopio. The municipality of Lapinlahti is home to about 10 000 inhabitants. You can reach Lapinlahti easily by car, bus or train. The nearest airport is in Kuopio.

In senior high school students must pass 75 courses during their studies (usually in 3-4 years). One course equals 38 hours. In Lapinlahti Senior High School there are about 20 teachers of whom six are specialized in visual arts. Lapinlahti Senior High School in Visual Arts has collected during the past 30 years a good collection of artefacts made by our gifted art students. The number of these exemplars is over 130 and they are shown all around the school in hallways and class rooms. School also arranges art exhibitions in nearby cities and galleries.

One meal per day is free and also schooltrips by bus are free to our students (if one way is over 10 kilometres). Books, materials and artist’s tools and equipment students pay themselves. Art students must take a minimum of 13 courses in visual arts. The total number of courses available is 30. Art subjects are painting, drawing, sculpture, textile arts, architecture, design, ceramics, photography, art graphics, history of art, colours and composition. The idea of art lessons is the joy of independent thinking, planning, knowing, searching and venturing – in a word learning to think by doing. Students are also offered an optional course in the national diploma work in visual arts. This will give them a separate certificate. We offer our students yearly international contacts e.g. by giving them a possibility to participate in an annual youth forum in Cracow, Nordic student exchange programme and other international projects. We also provide the students with an opportunity to study visual arts in foreign languages.

Lapinlahti Senior High School in Visual Arts cooperates with communities and companies outside the school such as Art Museum Eemil. Cooperational projects are carried out as courses, which are part of the school curriculum.


Visiting and postal adress:

Lapinlahden Lukio ja Kuvataidelukio

Kivistöntie 2

73100 Lapinlahti, Finland

Phone number +358 40 488 3212